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Mother's Day 2018 Last Minute Gifts

Mother's Day is only 4 days away! Did it sneak up on you, too? If it crept up on you, like it did on me, and you haven't had a chance to order mom something nice (forget Amazon Prime for one second, would ya?) I've got a few last minute gift ideas for you...

Mother's Day Brunch

Theres still time to get a reservation for a nice Sunday morning brunch. Just make sure you do it ASAP, or your options will be limited. If you're a local San Diegan, one of my favorite spots is Cafe Gratitude. Their entire menu is totally vegan, and mostly gluten free (although, you'd never know it by the taste of things) Both the interior, and exterior, are totally instagrammable, and there's lots to do nearby, in Little Italy, Downtown, or down by the harbor, once you're full!


You're talking to the queen of DIY here (hello, how do you think I started making jewelry?) I DIY practically everything. From building my jewelry work bench, and jewelry displays, to designing my website, and business cards, and even around the house! I painted, and refurbished my kitchen cabinets, and did the same to my old garage door. But that's enough about me...back to MOM, the reason we're all here! (literally) I created a Pinterest board with my favorite, Mother's Day DIY gift ideas. Find your inspo here.

Gift Cards

Everyone loves a gift card (amiright ladies?) I know I do. Giving gift cards as gifts might seem like the lazy way out, to some, but I consider it a thoughtful gesture. Let mom choose what she wants! And the best part is, with the world wide web at our fingertips, gift cards are easy to snag, right up to the very last minute. The only thing mom will love more than a gift card, is a gift card for some gorgeous, high quality, handmade jewelry. And lucky for you, I happen to know this (awesome) jewelry designer, who happens to have gift cards galore! Shop Lush Jewelry E Gift Cards here, and make mom proud.

Happy Mother's Day!

- Barbara


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